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“Authentic” Sublingual Tablets
Not a troche, not a lozenge.
An authentic sublingual tablet can offer many of the benefits of a non-oral route without the unpleasant effects of a troche.  Dissolving a tablet under the tongue introduces the medicine directly into the blood stream and by avoiding the metabolism that may occur in the liver, often, lower doses can be used effectively.


Our sublingual tablets do not undergo any heat processes so the ingredients are not altered in any way in the tablet making process.  Sublingual tablets are conveniently placed under the tongue for sublingual absorption and do not go through the first-pass metabolism by the liver.


Occasionally we are asked for a catalog of our compounds.  Unfortunately, there is just no way to organize such a list with the amount of preparations and combinations that are possible at a pharmacy like ours. We are able make many variations of numerous different items and still only scratch the surface of what is possible.


Capsules, creams, gels, rapidly dissolving tablets, sublingual tablets, suppositories and the list goes on!

Below you will find just a handful of the many compounding requests we’ve had from physicians, as well as non-prescription products we make:


  • 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium with Methylcobalamin sublingual rapid-dissolve tablets

  • Low-dose Naltrexone capsules and sublingual RDT’s

  • Sublingual tablets for erectile dysfunction

  • Pelvic Pain creams and suppositories

  • Topical pain creams

  • Topical anesthetics specifically formulated for patients of dentist and plastic surgeons

  • Hormone replacement therapy capsules, gels and creams

  • Multiple skin care prescription formulations, including silicone-based gels as well as other bases that can include active ingredients

  • Scar creams and gels

  • Natural sleep aids

  • Local Economy mineral bath gel, hand soap, and hand and body lotion

For more information or to have a prescription filled at our pharmacy, please call us at 615-327-3234.
Prescriptions may be faxed to 615-320-0680.
If your doctor has any questions or special requests, please pass along our contact information.  We look forward to working with your doctor on any new and existing compounded formulations!


MONDAY - THURSDAY  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

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