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The staff at John Hollis Pharmacy is dedicated to providing outstanding service and on-going education to meet the needs of our physicians and their patients. 


Hundreds of physicians have written compound prescriptions with us because of our ability to change dosage forms and strengths, eliminate preservatives, remove harmful dyes or allergens, make combination drugs, and make formulations based on individual requirements.


Born and raised in Nashville, Dr. Hollis began his pharmacy career in high school, working for Belle Meade Drugs, first as a technician and then as a pharmacist after graduation from Samford University.  John has a vast and diverse pharmacy background beyond his retail experience, having served both as Director of Hospital Pharmacy at Nashville General and as Chief of Outpatient Pharmacy Services in Frankfurt, Germany during Desert Storm.


Realizing the need for individualized services for pharmaceutical care, John opened John Hollis Pharmacy over 25 years ago, and he has been working with physicians since that time to develop unique medicinal compounds to best meet the needs of patients.

Dr. Sanford graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy and has over 30 years of pharmacy experience including both hospital and community pharmacy.

After graduating from the University of Louisiana School of Pharmacy, Dr. Franklin completed a hospital pharmacy residency at University of Alabama in Birmingham and worked at teaching hospitals as a clinical pharmacist before beginning her career with pharmaceutical sales.  In returning to retail, Cindy focuses on patient education and is committed to a well-informed public

John Hollis, D.Ph.
Vicki Sanford, D.Ph.
Cindy Franklin, D.Ph.
"We have been compounding prescriptions in Nashville for almost 30 years.  We take care of our patients by providing top quality compounds at a reasonable price.  We appreciate the privilege of serving our patients and plan to continue doing so for years to come."
 "Our goal is to provide our patients with quality custom compounded prescriptions to meet their needs."
"Patient education is key to successful therapy, and at John Hollis Pharmacy, we like to take the time to counsel patients and make sure they know instructions, potential side effects, and what to expect from the medication."



MONDAY - THURSDAY  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

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