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Located in Brentwood, TN,  John Hollis Pharmacy has been working with physicians and patients for over 25 years in formulating custom, effective
compounded prescriptions.


valuable information from our pharmacist

"We work with the physician and patient to individualize therapy based on the needs of the patient. We strive to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price."

"HEAlthy living"

A Blog by John Hollis

 Carla Retief, M.D., Retief Skin Center
"I have been doing business with John Hollis Pharmacy for 12 years.  John Hollis is an exceptional cosmeceutical compounding pharmacist, and I have tried many.  His staff is easy to work with and all are very knowledgeable as they have worked with Dr. Hollis for years.  I wouldn't take my business anywhere else." 

Rodger "Rod" Kurthy, D.M.D.
“The product you developed, Topical Anesthetic Gel, is truly a miracle, especially for fearful patients…you have now given our patients local anesthetic without them even feeling that they have been touched!...It will eliminate the fear of going to the dentist for thousands and thousands of people…”  


John Hollis, D.Ph.


MONDAY - THURSDAY  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

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